Samsung: King of the IoT?

Samsung did its part last year to bring IoT into more U.S. homes, particularly with the introduction of the "Family Hub" smart refrigerator. However, at the recent annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Tim Baxter, president and COO of Samsung Electronics America, made it clear IoT is not just a buzzword for the company.

UX university: 4 retailers getting the user experience right

Customer loyalty requires more than offering a customer a free coffee every time they buy 10. There’s no middle ground any longer as user experience is key for retailers wanting to win the battle.

A look at what's in store for 2017

The ball has dropped, the confetti has fallen, and the new year has officially been ushered in. With 2017 on the horizon, it’s time to look to the future.

IoT, customer-facing robots and VR among topics to be discussed at 2017 ICX Summit

The annual conference, which draws hundreds of customer experience leaders and innovators, is June 5-7 in Dallas and features a range of interesting sessions and a special networking function.

2016 in review: Top retail customer experience stories

The year 2016 was one of technology, big changes and big steps by retailers aiming to boost and hone the customer experience. Here's a look back at the big news and advancements.

IoT remains early stage tech in boosting customer experience

Defining Internet of Things as intelligent interaction between humans and things to exchange information is easy enough, but assessing how and where IoT is playing, or should play, within the retail customer experience is a bit more difficult.

What retailers need to know, and expect, about virtual digital technology

Virtual assistant technologies will gain big traction in the next six years, yet use of virtual digital assistants may be a bit slower within retail for a few reasons, according to research firm Tractica.

Talking With: Kevin Meagher, IoT innovator, on IoT in the retail experience

One of the biggest buzzwords of 2016 is the Internet of Things. Kevin Meagher, former VP and general manager of Lowe’s IoT Smart Home initiative, talks about where IoT is today, the challenges and where it's headed in the retail customer experience realm.

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