Furniture retailer taps apps to boost customer experience, empower associates

City Furniture is reaping big rewards on three customized iOS apps developed by the retailer, IBM and Apple. The apps and IBM MobileFirst solution is spurring sales, driving efficiency and fostering deeper customer engagement.


Multichannel is not enough: Creating a true omnichannel customer experience

It's critical businesses not assume today's online purchasing experience is the same as what consumers experienced years ago. As companies seek to bring the best of what they have to offer to customers, bringing together insights and tools for a unified experience across channels will create a happy customer base, and a healthy bottom line.

How do you describe the CRM evolution? With these 4 c's

By John Oechsle, CEO, Swiftpage Walkmen were all the rage, cell phones were the size of eggplants, and Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" was the No. 1 hit.

Retailers still face EMV issues

Recognizing merchants have encountered difficulty integrating EMV compliant payment equipment, credit card issuers have postponed chargebacks for fraudulent purchases on non-compliant equipment. Compliance, however, will benefit all parties by reducing credit card fraud.

What AI can teach you about your customers

When most businesses think of artificial intelligence, chances are they think about chatbots, logistics, or really any machine learning algorithm that improves their business processes. But what some companies are finding out is that AI can do a whole lot more than just streamline operations.

Digital, physical worlds collide at Amazon Books

Amazon’s new bookstores partly leans on mobile technology, but could use some improvements with something like beacons.

Future of retail is robotic and not just in the supply chain

While augmenting human labor in the supply chain with robots enables increased productivity, this advancement is rendered ineffective when the back office acts as an effective bottleneck. The next frontier of automation will be in white collar jobs, not warehouse stackers.

Chatbot success 101: Why a single customer view is a must

The need for retailers to have a single customer view to ensure a consistent positive experience, across all the channels via which they interact with shoppers, has only grown more critical as the number of channels and the volume of customer data generated has increased.

Brookstone CEO: Product development, brand, channels are key focus ahead

Specialty retailer Brookstone has weathered more than a few challenges, including bankruptcy, but is finding success once again with a strong product, brand and consumer focus.

8-second race: How retailers can connect with fast-moving customers

the window of opportunity for retail marketers to know, reach, convert and engage their customers has dropped to just eight seconds. The key to reaching them is to create an adaptive customer experience.

Last mile: The amazing race to solve the delivery dilemma

Omnichannel drives new expectations that every retailer must address.

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SHIP FROM STORE or how to use your POS as a strategic asset for logistics

A positive delivery experience would encourage more than 90% of customers to shop with a retailer again. Today, it has become essential for distributors to meet the market requirements. Connecting various distribution channels has been identified as a good alternative, by distribution players, to optimize the supply chain management.

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Transforming Retail by Empowering Consumers

Engage and educate in-store customers with AVA Retail SmartShelf solutions for higher sales and fewer refunds.

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A new experience of the retail world, by Smart Traffik

90% of retail purchases still happen in Brick and mortar. The store experience is still the preferred way of shopping. But being digitally savvy, shoppers have access to internet anywhere, anytime, they are constantly connected. And this inevitably changes the way they shop. Find out todays market trends in this White Paper!

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The Next Step in Indoor Signage

Backlit signs or traditional light boxes and neon signs can help get the message out, but new types of indoor signage are catching consumers’ attention.

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Employing a Single Customer View

Retailers have more information about their customers than ever before. The key, though, is to be able to have a 360 degree view of each customer in a way that provides value.

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[LIVE WEBINAR] Eliminating Islands of Technology in the Age of the Customer

Date: June 22, 2017 | Time: 2:00 PM EDT | Duration: 1 hour | Join guest Forrester Research principal analyst Brendan Witcher and Ryan Parker from Intel, as they discuss insights from an Intel-commissioned survey of retail decision makers in the US, UK, Germany, Japan and China. Register now!

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