Kagan: Old checkout lanes will choke retail stores

Jeff Kagan has a big list of big questions for today's retailer -- from realizing the need to change to creating both a defensive and offensive strategy.

Brick-and-mortar stores aren't dead: They just need a digital makeover

Gil Larsen, VP Americas at Blis explains why retail success is all about inviting consumers in for a visit and ensuring you engage them once they come in.

Offline retailers: Evolve here first to keep up with e-commerce

Jeff Scott, CEO of Infinite Peripherals, shares insight on how retail point-of-sale technology can improve both the shopper's experience and the retailer's bottom line.

6 best practices for thriving in the 'post-human' customer service age

Anand Subramaniam, SVP worldwide marketing for eGain, offers up insight on how retailers can avoid frustrating potential customers and only only survive but thrive with self-service.

6 ways to deliver stressless service in the holiday season

Chip Bell explains how retailers can achieve stress-less success during the hectic season by acting as a host, not as a slave.

Can you beat Amazon this holiday season? An omnichannel approach to making it happen

Andrew Fegley, president of Remarketable, outlines innovative ways to keep driving revenue this holiday retail season through next-generation remarketing.

If you can't measure in-store merchandising you can't make it better

Erik McMillan, founder and CEO of Shelfbucks, explains why modern-day analytics will position in-store merchandising among the greatest opportunities for retailers and CPGs to reshape the industry and dramatically increase brick-and-mortar revenues.

What retailers should consider before the holiday returns rush

Amit Sharma, founder and CEO of Narvar, explains why retailers need to understand emerging customer returns trends long before the return season arrives.

Staffless. Cashless. Gapless. Is this the future of shopping?

ICXA Managing Director Christopher Hall muses about customer experiences that are cashless, staffless and have no gaps in covering customers everywhere they go.

The new face of disruption: Retail in the digital age

David Rosen, digital transformation technologist and strategist,TIBCO Software, shares how industry leaders, like Amazon, are laser focused on innovating the best means to continuously drive a positive customer experience, all while reigning in costs.

Why is everyone so freaked out about automated customer service?

Nick Francis, CEO of Help Scout, shares how automation, if done well, can lead to higher customer satisfaction and a better experience. Instant gratification, he explains is the key benefit automation has over other forms of one-to-one communication, and it's tough to beat.

Don't be overwhelmed by omnichannel: A practical guide to implementation

Michael Ringman, CIO, Telus International, explains why omnichannel customer service isn't just about who has the longest list of 'contact us' options available, but about making the customer journey seamless from one touch point to the next.

3 myths holding retailers back from an omnichannel payments strategy

Jacques Guerin, EVP, North America at Ingenico Group, explains why retailers need to focus on enhancing the customer's journey with a positive buying experience.

Top 5 skills every frontline associate must have

Kevin Nix, CEO and co-founder, Stellar Loyalty, explains why tech-savvy frontline employees must have five specific skills and why retailers must invest in identifying candidates who naturally have these talents.

Reward or no reward? That is the retailer's question

Narina Sippy, CMO of Stellar Loyalty, offers up insight on how to design a loyalty program that actually makes customers more loyal, spend more per visit, and increases their frequency.

Understanding the why and how of the analytics plan

Tom Schoen, president and CEO, BTM Global, explains how there is often a gap between what a retailer wants to know and what's truly important to operations and why analytics is critical to eliminating that gap.

Delivering great customer service with a minimal customer support team

Scott Voigt, co-founder and CEO, FullStory, offers up best practices to keep customer support quality high and costs low while delivering a great customer experience.

Brick-and-mortar retailers' secret weapon: Conversion rate optimization

Mark Ryski, CEO and founder of HeadCount Corp., wonders why conversion rate optimization isn't a retail obsession given the difficult business conditions brick-and-mortar retailers are facing.

Why personalization is key for retail customer experiences

Jim Dicso, CEO of SundaySky, explores how retailers can personalize engagement in an entertaining, valuable and non-creepy way and create superior customer experiences.

Kagan: Will Walmart win with Jet.com private label?

Jeff Kagan wants Walmart and Walmart.com to be successful, but he believes the level of success will come from respect for the customer. The big question is this: Are they up to the task?

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