Infographic: Think Mobile First

The impact of mobile on the retail and restaurant industries continues to grow. This infographic gives the key data points to explain why mobile is an investment worth making.

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VoIP Adoption Leads to Free PCI Upgrades for Major Quick Service Restaurant

Free PCI Upgrades with VoIP Adoption

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Sponsor: Hughes

Champion Office Productivity with the Stats Dash App

Champion Office Productivity with the Stats Dash App.

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Talking With: Verifone chief Joe Mach about retail customer experience strategies

Verifone North America President Joe Mach shares insight on what retailers are doing, the big trends in play with customer experience and how consumers are spurring trends and retail customer experience strategies.

The demise of brick-and-mortar retail has been greatly exaggerated

There's been no end of stories lately about retail store closures, layoffs and bankruptcies, but the real story isn't about physical retail dying. It's about evolution and that outlook is very positive.

Live webinar: Salesforce leader shares top CX hacks for retail

Todd Enders, VP of product marketing for Salesforce Service Cloud, shares insight and tips to unlocking rewarding customer experiences that will drive sales and customer loyalty in a live one-hour event April 25.

Talking With: Stratacache VP Jeff Griffin on digital media trends, the game-changer to come

Retail experience industry expert Lyle Bunn talks with Jeff Griffin as Griffin joins forces with Stratacache,

Report: Canadian retailers lagging on retail customer experience, meeting consumer needs

Retailers in Canada are not paying enough attention to consumer needs and expectations and need to re-energize their focus on customers.

Dear Santa: All I want for Christmas is equal product pricing across genders

From razors and clothing to toys and adult diapers, women are likely always paying more for a product than men.

Retailers are bringing a rusty knife to a cyber wars shootout

Today's omnichannel shoppers have grown accustomed to services and experiences at a whole different level. To borrow a western movie metaphor, most retailers are bringing an old knife to fight cyber wars with Jedi's wielding light sabers.

Study: Consumers still prefer bricks to bytes

TimeTrade recently published The State of Retail, a report designed to ascertain the current perceptions and behaviors that drive retail shopping.

3 myths keeping customers away from online shopping

Dan Leberman, vice president North American online small and medium business unit for PayPal, debunks the myths that inhibit e-commerce.

NRF: Consumer spending on moms to skyrocket

Consumers will spend more than $20 billion on their moms this Mother's Day.

5 Lessons Learned From Recent Retail Data Breaches [infographic]

Here are some hard lessons learned for retailers concerning data breaches.

Unbendable Customer Experience Rule #4

Bad customer experiences get the attention. Good ones get the profit.

Attention is Good, Isn't it?

The wrong kind of attention doesn't help retailers one bit when it comes to customer experience and word-of-mouth. 

Yes Virginia, Retail Holiday Sales Will Suck... Again!

Wherever you look from now until the first week of January, there will be one consistent message: retail holiday sales will suck. That's because the evidence shows, regardless of reality or economic circumstances, the stories are the same. 

Rebuttal to Mary Hunt in Woman's Day Magazine: Retailers Don't Trick Customers

Mary Hunt takes aim at retailers by telling Amiable personalities they are all wrong and should become like her, an Analytical. I hate this type of X-files "they" are trying to "do" something to you. See why she's all wrong and why.

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