Retail co-op can provide out-of-the-park benefits for all

| by Greg Swistak
Retail co-op can provide out-of-the-park benefits for all

Everyone loves something free, and retailers are no exception. Fortunately for them, major brands in certain circumstances are willing to provide free resources in the form of co-op dollars.

Often those dollars are intended to contribute to local marketing campaigns. But some retailers may be able to secure support for extending their brands outside of any brick-and-mortar or online-only activity. The forum for that increased presence comes in the form of portable carts, kiosks and recycled shipping containers that can be placed wherever the retailer can secure permission.

One example of the arrangement can be found at ballparks and stadiums. Take for example a local retailer of sports-related merchandise. That retailer may want to make an arrangement with Major League Baseball that will help him sell baseball-related products the league licenses at his local ballpark.

The arrangement would take shape when the retailer committed to buying a certain number of products and a certain variety of them in exchange for the capital to buy one or more carts, kiosks and containers.

Ultimately, the arrangement can provide benefits all around. The sports league extends its brand and profits from the wholesale of its goods. The retailer realizes increased revenue and the marketing power of having its store name in different venues. The ballpark benefits from the lease of the space to the retailer.

And of course, the fans win by having convenient access to goods to help support their favorite team.

(Photo courtesy of Ikoniq.)

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Greg Swistak
Greg Swistak is the president of Ikoniq, a provider of custom carts, kiosks and repurposed shipping containers. wwwView Greg Swistak's profile on LinkedIn

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