Christmas songs not music to the ears of retail associates

The sound of Christmas piped into stores during the holiday season isn't proving to be a jolly experience for store associates.

About 25 percent of retail staffers claim the holiday musical onslaught is actually damaging their emotional status, according to a Soundtrack Your Brand study.

The survey results, as reported by the New York Post, revealed the music impact is likely making an already stressful work season even more stressful.

"Feeling less festive is a specific mental reaction to listening to Christmas music and rebelling against it, whereas the data showing it can have a negative effect on worker well being must be treated with much more caution," Ola Sars, founder of Soundtrack Your Brand, a streaming service for background music, told the Post.

The survey polled more than 2,000 customers and retail staffers in the United States and United Kingdom about holiday shopping season music.

Topics: Workforce Management

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