Lucchese using gamification for employee training

Experticity, a platform for building and rewarding expertise in sales associates, has been chosen by footwear retailer Lucchese to elevate associates' expertise on the brand's rich history and craftsmanship. According to the companies, Experticity will create a gamified experience on its web-based training platform to build knowledge of Lucchese's shoes, handbags and leather accessories while also identifying and encouraging the brand's most active advocates on the sales floor.

"Our one-of-a-kind boot design and meticulous construction come from over 130 years of experience. Our drive for perfection demands that more money, time and skill go into making each pair of boots, but gives our customers an extraordinary level of comfort, quality and fit," said Cindy Moore, VP of Sales at Lucchese. "Experticity will help us educate each sales associate representing our brand to make sure the same passion and knowledge found on the factory floor carry over onto the retail floor."

Experticity's platform currently allows more than 625 brands and more than 70,000 retailers help retail associates gain expertise on the brands they sell.

"Lucchese's history has been dedicated to providing the highest-quality products and services to its customers. By partnering with Experticity to create an educated, helpful sales staff, Lucchese is continuing that history, and ensuring customers have positive buying experiences through people with helpful expertise," said Tom Stockham, CEO, Experticity. "We are proud to work with premium brands like Lucchese to help them stand apart from the competition through education."

Topics: Customer Service, Employee Training, Specialty Stores

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