Top Valentine's gift not something found on a shelf, reveals study

This Valentine's Day holiday will be a big one for retailers, although the top wanted, and given, gift isn't something that can be found on a shelf or a hanger.

The Valentine's Day Online Performance study, which polled 1,117 U.S. adults, also reveals some political love predictions — such as how Republicans are feeling more "frisky" than Democrats, according to Instart Logic, which commissioned the study.

But the big reveal is that 39 percent of Americans expect nothing on the romantic holiday, while 28.6 percent expect sex to be the gift. Just 15.8 percent expect to be shopping on the big love day.

A majority of Americans (51.5 percent) are expecting a gift, but the most popular individual items can't be bought in stores:

  • Sex was the favorite (26.1 percent).
  • A simple thank you (19.2 percent).
  • A night when you get to pick the activity (18.3 percent).
  • An argument-free night (12.0 percent).
  • A get-out-of-jail-free pass from chores (5.9 percent).
  • A get-out-of-jail-free pass from the in-laws (3.1 percent).

Topics: Consumer Behavior

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