Whole Foods chiefs: We're sorry we overcharged customers

Major food retailer Whole Foods is apologizing for overcharging New York City store customers for sliced fruit, fresh juice and sandwiches and said the errors were unintentional, according to a CNNreport.

There was a "very, very small percentage of mis-weighing errors," Co-CEO John Mackey in a video regarding the overcharging. "Straight up, we made some mistakes," Co-CEO Walter Robb said in the film. "We want to own that and tell you what we're doing about it," said Robb.

The mistakes were both in customers’ favor and in the store’s favor, noted the company leaders.

The video and apology comes on the heels of a New York City Department of Consumer Affairs’ investigation. The city officials, according to CNN, said there were very few incidents where customers were undercharged and the consumer agency described the incidents as "systematic."

Whole Foods will beef up employee training in the stores and across the country to avoid future potential overcharging issues.

"We're going to be reporting back to you, the customer, on exactly what kind of progress we're making here," Mackey said, according to CNN, and noted future mistakes not in the favor of the customer will result in the customer getting the item for free.

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