Will mobile app make hiring easier?

It's no secret retailers often experience high turnover, but one company is hoping to help them replace former employees as fast as possible. JobOn's new mobile app gives hiring personnel an easy way to screen dozens of potential workers in fewer than five minutes, according to a company release, by allowing job seekers to apply and video interview via smartphone. Its collaboration tools also give store operators, regional managers and multi-unit owners the ability to accelerate the hiring process from any connected device, JobOn founder and CEO Jody Presti, said in a release.

"Even online applications are difficult and time-consuming to complete on today's mobile devices and employers are missing out on great applicants," Presti said . "Nearly 100 percent of devices include some sort of camera. JobOn's application process is even more revolutionary as it puts hiring the best worker right in the palm of your hand."

The recruitment marketing platform provides a quick and efficient way to reach millions of job seekers with a single job ad, said Presti. The app also offers advanced features for retail customers such as multi-location job postings and advanced job seeker profiles.

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