Retail innovation report offers insight on in-store tech transformation

Retail innovation report offers insight on in-store tech transformation

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By Ed King, co-founder, HighStreet Collective

"Which technologies should we use in our store?"

As retail experience consultants and designers, and as speakers and presenters at retail and innovation conferences around the world, this is the one question I hear most from retailers and brands who are looking to innovate in-store experiences.

It was this question that drove the development of the Retail Innovation Radar™ report. The goal was to take some of the guesswork out of in-store technology transformation. Because we conduct between 60 to 90 minutes of research a day monitoring retail, consumer and technology trends, and considering our hands-on experience with different technologies in the trenches with clients, we feel we have our finger on the pulse of shopper attitudes and their adoption of various retail technologies.

The 19-page report, to be published quarterly, is designed to help guide retailers and brands in the right direction by showing living retail examples (good and bad), by identifying insights regarding evolving shopper behaviors and by rating shoppers' technology expectations inside the store using an easy-to-understand one to 10 scale.

From voice interaction to augmented reality and artificial intelligence, the report focuses on examples from the market, and HighStreet's take on the tech. It's written for all audiences within retailers and brands, so you won't find a lot of tech speak.

The 21st century shopper has high expectations of stores. Yesterday's innovation is today's expectation in retail. The Retail Innovation Radar provides the reader with a working knowledge of which technologies are trending in a positive direction, and which ones to put on the shelf for a while.

This quarter (Q3, 2018), as the sleeper cell of retail pure-plays (online-only retailers like Warby Parker and Casper who have opened physical stores) continue to dominate the brick and mortar news, HighStreet's Retail Innovation Radar dives into credit card-hawking robots (page 13), Macy's ongoing innovation acquisition shopping spree (page 14), and Samsung's virtual reality celebration of America's impending 50th anniversary of landing on the moon (page 18).

Lastly, augmented reality seems to take two steps forward and one step back, as the promising Intel AR project, Vaunt, was abruptly dropped this summer (page 12).

Readers can download the report for free and sign up for future reports by clicking here.


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