Confirmit partners with Affectiva to transform interactive customer experience

Confirmit, a London-based company, is partnering with Affectiva, to implement technology that allow for evaluations of participants' role of emotions in behaviors and actions, and how emotion affects consumer spending, according to a release.

These two companies are getting up close and personal. Affectiva's technology is tested to detect emotions with 98% accuracy, allowing Confirmit to produce surveys and videos that monitor viewers' emotional responses.

Terry Lawlor, executive vice president of product management at Confirmit disclosed that, "Emotions influence every aspect of our lives and yet in an increasingly digital world, too often emotions are missing from analysis. The partnership with Affectiva meets the growing need from Confirmit's global customer base for more in-depth and innovative insight into the impact of emotion on behavioural patterns and future actions."

Affectiva is introducing a concept that will change the overall customer experience.

"The incorporation of emotional intelligence into research programmes and customer experience surveys enables organisations to truly understand and analyse the emotional responses of their customers at the point of experience. We are delighted to have joined forces with Confirmit as they seek to broaden the insight agenda to include emotion more thoroughly," said Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, CEO at Affectiva.

The technology is available and the companies are broadcasting informational webinars that they hope will transform the way businesses monitor consumer behavior in the future. 

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