Consumers want personal advertising, claims new data

Today's consumer want personalization when it comes to marketing and advertising, with seven of 10 saying they prefer content and ads tailored to their interests and shopping habits, according to new data from Adlucent.

Personalization needs may even outweigh privacy concerns as 46 percent are willing to share personal data to get personalized content and advertising, according to a press release.

"The age of irrelevant advertising is coming to an end, thanks to both increasing consumer demand for personalization, and access to technology and data that makes it possible," said Michael Griffin, founder and CEO of Adlucent, in the release. "While consumer expectations around relevancy increase, so do their expectations around data transparency. For today's brands, there's a lot on the line. Fail to deliver, and you will quickly find yourself losing favor and falling behind. But the brands who successfully balance personalization and privacy expectations will be big winners in this next era of digital advertising."


Topics: Consumer Behavior, Customer Experience, Data Security

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