Polish shopping center deploys digital signage system

Dec. 29, 2016

The Posnania shopping center in Poznan, Poland, recently deployed a series of digital signage solutions including a large elliptical transparent screen, LED screens, interactive video walls and tablets. SQM Digital Signage provided the digital signage, which runs on software from Scala, according to a press release.

The elliptical LED screen, which was placed in the atrium, is 90 percent transparent and is designed to be the largest of its kind in Europe, according to the release. SQM Digital Signage also deployed a semi-circular LED screen in the rotunda. The mall also deployed:

  • Two touch tables for customers to take selfies, which are then displayed on an LED screen.
  • Seven video walls with a Kinect to enable augmented reality.
  • Multiple LCD screens and tablets to provide information on the shopping mall.

"Installation of digital signage in Posnania is one of the largest multimedia installations in this part of Europe," Grzegorz Góralczyk, CEO of SQM Digital Signage, said in the release. "Some of the delivered solutions are so innovative that this part of world has not seen them yet."

Topics: Display Technology

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