The personalized retail feeling isn't too personal, reveals consumer research

Less than half, 40 percent, of personalized messaging by brands feels personal to consumers and it's likely because retailer's aren't taking all the needed customer data into consideration.

A McKinsey Consumer Research survey reveals that country, gender, age and business category are all key factors in crafting the perfect retail personal message and not just understanding the individual consumer.

While personalized messaging is taking root, with more than half of consumers polled reporting they are getting personalized messages, brands have a long road ahead in getting the marketing strategy on target, stated a release on the survey.

"With around 40 percent of consumers across all markets stating messages received only sometimes captured the characteristics that would make them personal — this is red flag for businesses — and a huge opportunity for those that can get it right. While the number of respondents who said these messages rarely or never fit these characteristics outweighed those who said they usually or often do in almost all the markets, the U.S. proved to be the exception," stated the release.

"Consumers in different countries need to be approached differently when it comes to personalized marketing.For example, U.S. consumers said the top three attributes to influencing personalization are: when a business offers items that are a good fit for their personal style, relate to items they frequently purchased, and when messaging tied to a special occasion. However, German consumers feel communications are most personal when they include items that fit their style, their name and that reference a recent search they made," stated the release.

When done right personalization can pay off, as the survey noted an average 10 to 20 percent revenue uplift.

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