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[Free webinar] How boosted site search conversions by over 18% offers up insight on how it boosted its site search conversion rate.

[Free webinar] How boosted site search conversions by over 18%

| by Retail Customer Experience

Is shopping on your website like getting lost in a maze of hallways? Are finding the right products a source of constant annoyance and struggle for your shoppers? Watch our recent webinar to find out. Our spotlight for this webinar was, one of America's leading fashion retailers.

We talked to Dylan Telford, senior manager, product management,, about product discovery challenges in the fashion ecommerce space and how they overcame them with Unbxd to improve conversions from their site search by over 18 percent.

Telford is an omnichannel retail professional with over 11 years of hands-on specialty retail experience in both brick-and-mortar, and digital commerce environments. Currently leading the evolution of the Express digital customer experience, he specializes in implementing new digital products that blur the line between in-store and online shopping.

For those of you who couldn’t attend the live webinar, here are the key takeaways:

1. Contrary to the popular industry wisdom of "mobile first" or "device first," believes in putting customers shopping preferences first. This means, their primary goal is to convert shoppers, in the moment, rather than introduce experiences that prompt device change before purchase. They try to optimize experiences for each device type to meet convenience expectations of shoppers, and customer retention and higher visit frequency follows.

2. Great site search requires both relevancy and engaging visual design. The idea should be to guide shoppers to the products they are most likely to buy in the fastest way possible.

3. Your search solution must address the limitations of mobile, like typing avoidance, smaller screen size, and slower bandwidth, to deliver a robust customer experience. Optimizing the first fold with diverse styles reduces unnecessary page scrolls and improves shopping experience on mobile.   

4. Effective merchandising at scale requires a technology partner that highlights your business differentiators while designing the search experience for your website.

5. Your technology solution should be self-learning, which delivers a robust customer experience that moves with the trends. It should completely eliminate your dependency on IT or the need to manage tasks manually. This includes tasks, like adding synonyms to account for spell errors, managing redirects to zero result pages, or promoting specific styles or brands to meet business objectives. achieved this with Unbxd and reported an increase of over 18 percent in their search conversions.

Interested in learning more about how improved their search conversions? Access the webinar recording and slides here.

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