JustFab, Sephora, Walmart tops in customer experience personalization

When it comes to personalizing the customer experience, Walmart, JustFab and Sephora are doing the best job, according to the first annual Retail Personalization Index from Sailthru. The index ranks 100 brands on the quality and degree of personalization and...

Kagan: Will Walmart win with Jet.com private label?

Jeff Kagan wants Walmart and Walmart.com to be successful, but he believes the level of success will come from respect for the customer. The big question is this: Are they up to the task?

Walmart grabs up small NY warehouse

In its quest to provide same-day delivery on par with its ecommerce arm, Jet.com, Walmart has bought a New York City delivery company boasting a warehouse. The Brooklyn-based Parcel, according to an AP report in Newsday, already knows how to...

Walmart's Jet.com prepping private label brand

Jet.com, now an ecommerce arm of Walmart, is getting ready to launch a private label product line boasting over 60 household and food items. The move comes as competition is increasing dramatically in the omnichannel retail space.

Walmart readying same-day delivery for NYC customers

Free, same-day delivery will soon be offered by Walmart in the New York City area. The delivery move will put the retailer in sync with its acquired ecommerce arm, Jet.com, which already offers city residents such service, according to a...

New Walmart headquarters to bring in natural light

Walmart plans to do away with the "inefficient" current campus of its corporate headquarters — a sprawling collection of more than 20 buildings in Bentonville, Ark. — and replace it with new facilities that will encourage a more efficient business....

Former Sam's Club CEO takes on COO title at Starbucks

Starbucks has appointed Rosalind Brewer as group president and chief operating officer, effective Oct. 2.

Walmart files blimp patent for product pickup, delivery

Not to be outdone by Amazon's continued foray into drones for warehouse and ground delivery, Walmart is reportedly considering the use of blimps for aerial product transport. The news, reported by the New York Post, reveals Walmart has filed a...

Merchants seek ways to make their mobile apps indispensable

Church's Chicken offers up a unique feature in its mobile app: a curated music playlist.

Merchants should highlight mobile self-service usefulness to consumers

Do consumers see the value in every self-checkout option available to them from different restaurants and retailers?

Will Amazon Go make cashiers and checkout lanes obsolete?

That question was the focus of a breakout session Tuesday at the fourth annual CONNECT Mobile CX Summit in Philadelphia. The answer is complicated, which is usually the case with emerging technology options.

Walmart acquisitions key to battling Amazon's ecommerce Jet

Walmart didn't buy Modcloth or Bonobos to advance its in-store brand offerings. The acquisitions, according to a Business Insider report, are part of its battle plan to beat Amazon when it comes to online commerce. The two brands won't be...

Walmart, Google team up on a collaborative shopping vision

In a quest clearly aimed at beating Amazon, Walmart will sell its products via Google’s online mall, Google Express, in a partnership aimed at offering a new shopping experience. It is the first time Walmart products will be sold outside...

Does Walmart really have a shot against the Amazon juggernaut?

Chris Petersen believes true innovation demands a willingness to take the risks to fail faster. Companies that don't embrace failure as a part of innovation risk becoming irrelevant with fewer options to survive.

Walmart leaps ahead of Amazon with Scan & Go

Walmart is getting the jump on Amazon to make checkout lanes obsolete as the world's largest retailer is rolling out a mobile app that enables to scan and pay for items without the need to wait in line, according to...

Walmart.com, Jet.com take top spots in online fresh, packaged grocery buys

When it comes to where consumers go online to buy fresh food, Walmart.com takes the lead spot and Jet.com, which is now owned by Walmart, takes the top spot when it comes to online packaged groceries. Those are the findings...

Automation will produce a brick-and-mortar retailing renaissance…if labor is deployed creatively

At present, the future of brick-and-mortar retailers looks bleak; however book author John Pugliano believes the technological forces that have favored online retailing are about to shift the advantage back to the local storefront.

Walmart aims to monitor shoppers' facial expressions

Walmart is reportedly building new technology that will help it identify unhappy consumers standing in check-out lines. The facial recognition tool, according to a Business Insider report, will assess facial expressions and movements, and if it detects a not-so-happy consumer,...

Walgreens doesn’t want to merge with Rite Aid after all

It was a short and quick courtship that set investors and shareholders into big spin cycles, but the love match between Walgreens and Rite Aid is finished. Walgreens has terminated its merger agreement with Rite Aid, but will still buy...

Walmart rolls out pickup kiosks in Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia

Walmart has installed its large, in-store pickup kiosks in more than a dozen stores in cities including Gilbert, Arizona; Glenpool, Oklahoma; Enterprise and Auburn, Alabama; Gwinnett, Georgia; and Midlothian, Virginia, according to Business Insider. Called Pickup Towers, the units are...

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