Coinstar teams with Provision to deliver 3D marketing tech to retail

Coinstar has signed an agreement with Provision Interactive Technologies Inc. to integrate Provision's proprietary 3D holographic display and point-of-sale coupon platforms into Coinstar's exchange kiosks, according to a press release.  

With 17,000 locations in retailers across the U.S., the partnership will enable Coinstar to offer its customers in-store savings on consumer products with coupons offered through the kiosks' touchscreen. In addition, the kiosks will include Provision's patented 3D holographic product that will project advertiser messages from the top of the structure, creating new revenue opportunities for Coinstar and its retail partners. 

"Our partnership provides an incredibly valuable platform for advertisers that want to leverage Coinstar's footprint at grocers and big-box retailers nationwide to drive increased in-store purchases," Provision President and CEO Mark Leonard said in the press release. 

Provision and Coinstar plan to roll out the technology on 300 kiosks before the end of the year.

A recent Provision study found that its 3D Savings Center provided a maximum rate of coupon redemption as high as 44 percent, which far exceeds the published national average coupon redemption rate of 1 to 2 percent.

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Companies: Coinstar, Provision Interactive Technologies

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