JustFab, Sephora, Walmart tops in customer experience personalization

When it comes to personalizing the customer experience, Walmart, JustFab and Sephora are doing the best job, according to the first annual Retail Personalization Index from Sailthru.

The index ranks 100 brands on the quality and degree of personalization and examines gaps in strategy and the relationship between a personalized experience and customer satisfaction, according to a press release.

"The vast majority of the top 25 brands are growing revenues year on year, reinforcing the value of a personalized digital experience for customers as a prudent business strategy," said Neil Lustig, CEO, Sailthru, in the release. "What's even more telling about the value of personalization is that brands in the midst of executing turnaround strategies are rapidly evolving their customer experience to once again gain traction in the market."

The index awards scores on a scale of zero to 100. Here is how the top five scored:

1. Sephora, 79
2. JustFab, 72
3. Walmart, 69
4. Net-a-Porter, 64
5. Ebay, 62; Nordstrom, 62 ; REI, 62

"For a brand to achieve the highest possible score, a customer would have to find its omnichannel experience seamless — meaning no matter how they interacted with a brand, be it on mobile, desktop, email, in store, the experience would need to be fluid and comprehensive," said Jason Grunberg, Sailthru vice president of marketing, in the release. "While many retailers tout omnichannel initiatives, our research proves that very few are close to meeting consumer expectations."

Topics: Consumer Behavior, Customer Experience, Marketing, Merchandising, Top 100 Retail

Companies: eBay, Walmart

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