Webinar: Expert insight on how retailers can connect with the millennial consumer

Webinar: Expert insight on how retailers can connect with the millennial consumer

If there is one ‘big’ buzz word in retail customer experience this year one contender is the term ‘millennial’ and one big industry trend is the effort retailers are engaging to capture the consumer segment.

Millennials are a strong and powerful influence in the retail segment and they are disrupting traditional shopping patterns with their instant, constant connectedness. Powered by mobile and social media, they’re skilled at comparison shopping and demonstrate a laser-like focus on finding the best deal.

Capturing the attention of millennial consumers requires knowledge, insight and a planned strategy. To help retailers gain insight Retail Customer Experience, in collaboration with Blackhawk Engagement Solutions, recently sponsored a one-hour free webinar providing valuable insight as well as the do’s and don’ts from an experienced expert, Blackhawk Group Vice President Rodney Mason.

Mason, who leads Blackhawk’s thought leadership and strategic insights and oversees corporate and client marketing initiatives, is an expert on mobile, social and digital technologies and the impact on retail programs.

During the webinar Mason shared valuable findings from Blackhawk’s recent study regarding the millennial consumer. A critical finding is that while the primary purchase influence for the millennial consumer is price a retail strategy must be much more comprehensive than adjusting product pricing.

The webinar is available for download by clicking here.

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