TSA to tap emerging tech to spur better customer experience

Airline passengers may soon stop complaining about long lines at airport security checkpoints as the TSA is aiming to test several emerging technologies to boost the customer experience.

The federal agency is testing facial recognition and fingerprint ID tools that could one day replace the print and mobile boarding pass now in play, according to a New York Post report. The fingerprint ID test is happening at Atlanta and Denver airports.

The tech effort comes as airlines strive to lure passengers wanting a more seamless experience in travel. JetBlue and Delta have already implemented fingerprint and iris scan tools to spur shorter checkpoint waits, noted the Post, and Delta is expanding its effort with a facial recognition test in New York's JFK airport and an Atlanta airport as part of its customs and border protection system.

But the U.S. efforts lag in comparison to Canada, which has had facial recognition kiosks in play for two years and will be deploying formal border kiosk systems.

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