Chatbot scores an 'A' in customer experience for online education retailer

| by Judy Mottl
Chatbot scores an 'A' in customer experience for online education retailer


When it comes to post secondary education, it's pretty much the land of millennials, student ages 18 to 34, who are heading into college classrooms for the first time or heading back to campus for PhDs and master degrees.

So, any retailer striving to serving this unique consumer population knows one thing: Millennials want instant response, they expect lightning fast online service and they are all about the digital. And for one online learning platform, chatbot technology is delivering all that and earning a big fat "A" in customer experience.


A quest to move fast


Chegg, Inc., a Smarter Way to Student, is focused on improving the overall return on education investment by helping students learn more in less time and at a lower cost. The connected learning platform connects students who want to learn with tools and resources to achieve educational and career goals. The Santa Clara, California company has a simple motto: "We help students get into, pay for and succeed in college and beyond."


To deliver on that motto, it turned to Nanorep, a LogMeln company, which offers chatbot tools and technology for both internal and external needs. Its chatbot technology is being used in a wide range of scenarios, from employee to delivering a centralized help resource, to tracking onboarding processes and helping store associates with unique insight on returning customers.


Chegg was searching for a solution to help its customers — students — get the right help at the right time and place, explained Neil Chowdhury, director, customer service programs, in an email interview with Retail Customer Experience.


"We were making the transition from a textbook rental company to a digital learning services platform and not only wanted students to better understand our products, but also get help seamlessly if they ran into any questions or issues," he said.


Advancing chatbot technology into the mobile


Nanorep creates self-service, virtual assistants and smart bot solutions for customer service and ecommerce. Its technology harnesses artificial intelligence capabilities combined with patented natural language processing technology to create self-service engagement and is intuitive for a conversational experience.

Chegg's Nanorep implementation in the first half of 2015 has gone smooth from the get-go, and it's now in the process of redesigning its online help center based on analytics and insights gleaned from the chatbot technology.


"We have also been recently working to develop our mobile app help center with Nanorep and have really enjoyed the level of flexibility," said Chowdhury.


The return on investment has been multifold as self-help scores have increased from 85 percent to nearly 90 percent in just two years.


"Broader than that, we have been able to derive valuable insights on where the customers are facing challenges within our products, which has helped us drive product enhancements," noted Chowdhury.


His advice to other retailers considering chatbot technology is one of planning and garnering support throughout the company to ensure a great customer experience.


"My biggest advice would be to clearly define what are your metrics for success as you implement solutions such as Nanorep," he said. "If you are able to build a shared vision with the rest of the company that it is not just a self-help platform for customers but a means to understand granular insights on where the customers have pain points in your product, you can jointly build a better overall experience for your customers."

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