Talking With: Citi's chief customer/digital experience officer on mapping the customer journey (Part 2)

| by Judy Mottl
Talking With: Citi's chief customer/digital experience officer on mapping the customer journey (Part 2)

In the first part of this two-part interview, Citi Chief Customer/Digital Experience Officer Alice Milligan discussed how her team is focused on providing what customers want and expect, with mobile technologies playing a critical role.

Citi Chief Customer and Digital Experience Officer Alice Milligan is responsible for driving all aspects of the customer experience and engagement for more than 50 million card accounts worldwide. Her team leverages analytics and data-driven decision making to enhance the overall customer experience, with digital and mobile as priority channels for customer acquisition, servicing and engagement.

In this second part of our interview, Milligan discusses mapping out the customer journey and how Citi is hurdling obstacles in delivering top-notch customer service and experience.

Retail Customer Experience: Mapping the customer journey is something Citi views as critical, so why and how does it play into the omnichannel strategy?

Alice Milligan: It's crucial to understand the holistic consumer experience, including the handoffs from one channel to another within a customer's journey, and understand customer needs, desires, and pain points at each step. For example, by mapping and analyzing the payments customer journey, we've seen many customers make a payment online, but then call us within 24 hours to confirm the payment went through. By having a cross-channel journey view, we develop omnichannel strategies that better serve customers, such as providing real-time payment confirmations online, text, and via email, as well as educating our customer service agents about how to handle incoming calls from customers who are active online.

RCE:The Citi-improved journey led to two benefits, including a 31-percent increase in payment specific net promoter score. Can you provide deeper scope and insight on that effort?

Milligan: We took a comprehensive approach that improved the payments experience across all channels — Web, mobile, IVR, phone. Our approach was customer-led, leveraging customer research and co-creation to arrive at solutions in partnership with customers, followed by significant iteration and monitoring to allow us to continue making incremental improvements as we launch new experiences. The changes — including intuitively designed payment flows, real-time validation, and heightened payments functionality — focused on simplifying the experience and improving speed to purpose, clarifying what has and will happen, and providing the comfort and confidence that consumers want and expect with their payments activities.

RCE: What are the biggest hurdles in mapping the credit card customer experience?

Milligan: Beyond simplifying the customer experience and enabling customers to interact with us where, when and how they choose, the next biggest challenge and opportunity we face is personalization. This entails improving how we speak to our customers and the value we bring them in knowing their needs and wants. Leveraging data and information in the right way, at the right time, and in the right context helps provide value to our customers in that their experiences with us will be highly relevant, informative and, ideally, foster a deeper connection with the Citi brand.

RCE: Can you share details on an upcoming customer experience effort to debut this year or next?

Milligan: This year, we are launching a number of enhancements to our mobile app, with the goal of expanding the functionality and utility of the app by delivering new and innovative features. Citi offers a number of exclusive benefits to our card members, which is our way of thanking them for their loyalty to us, and we want to ensure these are available cross-channel. So, we have an effort underway to expand the ways in which our card members use these programs and make it easier to incorporate them into their daily lives. Stay tuned!

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