Will Amazon deliver the next generation of financial services?

Will Amazon deliver the next generation of financial services?

Dr. Louise Beaumont, strategic adviser at Sapient Consulting, discusses the e-commerce giant's potential interest in banking.

Amazon extends Prime discount to Medicaid consumers

Amazon is offering Medicaid consumers its Prime membership for $5.99 a month, a big discount from its monthly $12.99 cost. The move is a discount program expansion, according to the New York Times, as Amazon first offered the same discount...

Amazon debuts first Missouri fulfillment center

The latest Amazon fulfillment center is calling St. Peters, Missouri home. It's the first center in Missouri, according to a press release.

Winning the race to the home requires more than the last mile

Winning the race to the home requires more than the last mile

Blogger Chris Petersen explains why the future of retail is not linear and that the winners are building ecosystems.

Amazon may be going into banking business, claims report

Amazon, J.P. Morgan and Capital One Financial are reportedly teaming up on a checking account initiative to attract the younger consumer. A Fortune report, citing the Wall Street Journal, claims the three companies are mulling the banking service, but it would not mean Amazon would be opening a banking division.

Amazon expands Whole Foods delivery to San Francisco, Atlanta

Amazon Prime members in six more cities now have access to free, 2-hour delivery on Whole Foods Market orders. Amazon, the omnichannel giant which bought Whole Foods Market in 2017, is extending the fast delivery option to Atlanta and San...

Amazon tracking deliveries with a click of a camera

Apparently Amazon delivery drivers have been snapping photos of packages they've left on doorsteps, and Amazon is now offering the tracking option to consumers. The Amazon Logistics Photo on Delivery, according to PC Magazine, is now available to shoppers who...

Amazon debuts its own health product line

Amazon is clearly taking on the big pharma and drugstore competition with its own special brand of health products. It has launched Basic Care, which is an exclusive line, according to a CNBC report, though the items are being manufactured...

Amazon buys itself some camera chip tech, claims report

Amazon has acquired a start-up, Immedia Semiconductor, which is responsible for Blink home security cameras, in what is described as a "secret bet" on energy efficient chips, according to a Reuters report. Reuters reported the mega etailer has paid $90...

Amazon prepping 6 more Go stores, claims report

Amazon is getting six more Amazon Go stores ready, according to a Recode report, with some likely opening in Seattle, where the first Amazon Go store opened in January. Sources told Recode that Amazon is working with developer Rick Caruso about opening a location at The Grove where he owns an outdoor shopping plaza.

Amazon gearing up to be the next FedEX, UPS, claims report

Amazon is prepping a "Shipping with Amazon" service in direct competition with FedEX and UPS, according to the New York Post, citing a Wall Street Journal report.   The service will pick up items from businesses to deliver to consumers and is expected to initially launch in Los Angeles, stated the report.

Amazon launching Whole Foods Market delivery service

Amazon Prime members living near a Whole Foods Market will be able to tap free 2-hour delivery as long as they're buying $35 in goods from the supermarket chain that Amazon bought in 2017. The service starts today in a...

Amazon may be mulling new wrist tracking device

A New York Post report reveals Amazon has two patents related to a device that may track a worker's hand while on the job.   The report stated the wristband would tap ultrasonic sound or possibly radio transmission to track hands during inventory work.

Amazon pulls some children’s products after slogan backlash

A range of products featuring the slogan, "Slavery gets sh&t done," are now off the virtual shelves at Amazon following a backlash from anti-slavery organizations and consumers. The products included shirts, mugs and bags from third-party sellers, according to a...

Kroger, Alibaba in talks on partnership, claims report

Kroger and Alibaba are reportedly discussing a partnership, according to CNBC. The U.S.

CES 2018 reveals how retail is changing

CES 2018 reveals how retail is changing

Anyone attending CES 2018 this year couldn't but help notice the annual conference revealed one big truth, writes industry analyst Jeff Kagan. That big truth is that retail is changing big time.

Amazon Go disrupts, re-invents, elevates the customer experience

Amazon Go disrupts, re-invents, elevates the customer experience

Amazon's supermarket, which boasts a cashier-less checkout, is open to the masses after a year in beta with Seattle-based company employees. Industry pundits, not surprisingly, have a lot to say about the public launch.

Amazon Prime membership gets more expensive for some

Amazon is increasing the cost of its monthly Prime subscription service, from $10.99 to $12.99, which represents an increase of 18 percent. The increase, according to Recode, totals an extra $156 over 12 months.

Amazon Go store now open to the public

Amazon is opening its cashierless Amazon Go store to consumers in Seattle today, following a 14-month trial with company employees, according to The Seattle Times. Upon entering, customers scan a smartphone app that registers them into the store. After grabbing...

Aldi reaches out to vegan, vegetarian consumers

Aldi, a German-based grocery chain, is aiming to offer up a line of vegan and vegetarian items in U.S.

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