Author Gary Magenta debuts customer loyalty tome

The book,"720 Haircuts- Creating Customer Loyalty That Lasts A Lifetime," is the true story of a man who drove a 100-mile roundtrip for a haircut at the same barber shop for over 60 years.

Yes, that's one definition of customer loyalty to be sure and it's a pivot of author Gary Magenta's new book on customer experience strategies. Magenta offers business owners wisdom, through storytelling and practical advice, on how to create the ultimate customer experience. Magenta's background includes leadership training with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies.

"My roots in customer experience run deep. My family owned a small business; I got my first job there at an early age and a second job as a restaurant server afterwards. These experiences laid a strong foundation and unique viewpoint on how to make people feel like valued customers, along with the nuances of bad, good and great customer experiences," stated Magenta in a release.

With an extensive background in over 30 years of customer experience Magenta intends his book to be a tool that allows business owners from in any industry and region to accurately target their ideal customers and build lasting connections before, during, and after their purchase.

Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Service, Employee Training, Loyalty Programs, Workforce Management

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