InMoment names new CEO, debuts new CX intelligence tool

InMoment has appointed Andrew Joiner as its new CEO and has debuted Discover, an analytics tool for monitoring and mining structured and unstructured customer data.

Discover can analyze customer and contextual data from any source, including social reviews, customer comments and voice recordings. It can be deployed as part of InMoment's Experience Hub platform, or as a standalone.

"InMoment's new analytics tools are generating a level of intelligence — from both structured and unstructured data — that has never been possible before," Jocelyn Wieser, senior retail business intelligence analyst at Cabela's, a retail outfitter, said in a press release. "Discover's ability to analyze customer data, in real time, all of the time, gives us an unprecedented window into the known and unknown elements impacting our business. It's literally impossible to quantify the value of what Discover can do. Even a team of analysts working full time could not accomplish this feat."

Topics: Consumer Behavior, Customer Experience, Customer Service, Retail - Analytics, Social Media, Technology, Workforce Management

Companies: InMoment, Cabela's

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