Pyrim intends to educate merchants about mobile commerce

Pyrim Technologies this week introduced what it calls the Mobile Commerce Education Resource Kit, a guide designed to teach merchants about the mobile commerce ecosystem, its six core elements, its 80 supporting sub-components and its growing list of supporting technologies (e.g. NFC, beacons, tokens, etc.). This is done via a 35-page guide entitled "Pyrim's Guide To Mobile Commerce," according to a press release.

The kit is also designed to teach merchants about the history of mobile commerce, according to the announcement. These teachings are enhanced through a presentation of the current month’s events as framed in a historical context. This is done within a 10-plus page document entitled "The Mobile Commerce Landscape Report." 

The kit is further designed to teach merchants about:

  • The various mobile commerce solutions that are on the market today;
  • How others in their industry, as well as others, have implemented mobile commerce;
  • The systems and infrastructure providers/suppliers that are delivering these solutions;
  • The news, trends and opinions that are shaping the future direction of mobile commerce.

Pyrim said the kit also is designed to expand merchant insights through their participation in a one-hour, end-of-month, conference call for collaboratively discussing the current month’s news and issues. A one-month kit subscription can be purchased for $99.99 at:

Topics: Mobile Payments, Mobile Retail, Payments, POS, RFID Technology

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