Report: Poor training, weak tools, corporate friction all hurt the brand

June 29, 2016

Brick-and-mortar retailers grappling with poor brand recognition and weak customer experience strategies are likely those without solid training, strong tools and technology, and lots of friction between stores and the corporate offices.

A new Square Root study, conducted with WEBR Digital, reveals that slow foot traffic and ecommerce competition aren't the only challenges hurting retailers.

"While brick-and-mortar retail stores face a variety of external challenges, from declining mall traffic to changes in consumer trends and the continued e-commerce shift, internal problems are proving to be a primary roadblock for improvement," said Chris Taylor, CEO of Square Root, in a release. "Our study shows that major gaps still exist when it comes to delivering the experience today's shoppers expect, and that technology is now critical for long-term retail success."

Consumers today expect a consistent and cohesive shopping experience both in-store and online, yet the store managers surveyed felt their companies were missing the mark.

Less than half of store managers polled believed they provide a consistent brand experience across all their stores and just 45 percent agreed that their company's in-store experience was consistent with the online experience.

Fewer than 50 percent of store managers said they did not have adequate access to information from other stores and e-commerce sites that they needed to fulfill in-store requests. Thirty-two percent of respondents said they have the number of associates needed, and 42 percent of store managers feel they currently have the tools and training needed to be successful.

"If stores want to create an extraordinary customer experience, we need to train, coach, and mentor all the team members in the stores to put the customers right at the center and continue to find ways to go above and beyond for them," said Andrea Farris, vice president, Director Retail Systems, Walgreens, Co., in the release.

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