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Social issues are big issue in customer loyalty

Social issues are big issue in customer loyaltyPhoto by

Social issues are top of mind with consumers these days, especially when it comes to brand loyalty.

More than a third of American consumers, 34%, will spend more on a brand that aligns with their values and 76% said a brand that supports workers' rights is important to them. That figure was 44% just two years ago, according to a press release on a study that polled 2,000 shoppers on how retailers can secure their loyalty.

Environmental responsibility (74%), animal testing (68%) and local community initiatives (66%) also topped the list of causes today's consumer cares about, according to the release.

The study also asked which perks make customers more likely to purchase from a brand. It found the top five factors likely to drive business for a brand are:

  • Good customer service – 84% more likely.
  • Discount codes – 79% more likely.
  • Loyalty program – 75% more likely.
  • Free gifts – 74% more likely.
  • Improved ethics – 70% more likely.

The lesson for retailers is that it's more important than ever for retailers to align ethics and values with those of customers.

"When it comes to the key drivers of repeat business, simple good customer service came out top, with customers also wanting to feel they're getting more for their money through discount codes and loyalty programs," Jason O'Brien, COO, said in the release.


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