United Airlines secures EZ Access certification for self-serve kiosks

United Airlines has incorporated EZ Access technologies into its self-service kiosks to better ensure that the kiosks are accessible to all travelers.

"We chose to implement EZ Access into our kiosks because it's not limited to a single disability," Jaymes Todero, United's ecommerce product manager, said in a press release. "We found it to be the best solution available that can accommodate customers with a broad range of disabilities, including those with sensory and mobility impairments."

As part of United's investigations into available technologies, Todero said his project team, which included Sherry Shen, United's senior manager of IT development applications, first traveled to Madison, Wisconsin over a year ago and visited the Trace Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where EZ Access was developed. Wanting to better learn about the benefits of a full EZ Access implementation, his team met with the two EZ Access inventors, Gregg Vanderheiden and Bern Jordan, along with Bruce Winkler of Assistra Technologies. 

"The new kiosks are truly the result of a multi-team effort that spanned months of research and testing," said Todero  "Along with Assistra Technologies, we attained the counsel of Ray Campbell, accessibility analyst at United Airlines, who imparted his expertise and feedback regarding accessibility for the blind community, and we also partnered with Tech for All, who did an excellent job creating user interface patterns and concepts that United's development team implemented. In addition, TFA's team worked with United throughout the development process to evaluate the experience for users with disabilities. Assistra was later brought in to enhance the kiosks functionality and implement EZ Access."

The new self-service kiosks that incorporate EZ Access technologies have been installed at United's Orlando, Florida and Hartford, Connecticut terminals, with additional kiosks to be rolled out as United renovates lobbies and as existing kiosks are retired.

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