Webinar: How, why and where artificial intelligence is taking root in retail

| by Judy Mottl
Webinar: How, why and where artificial intelligence is taking root in retail

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Just a few short years ago, artificial intelligence was a big buzzword strewn about at retail conferences and events.

But as a new webinar available at Retail Customer Experience illustrates, AI is taking root in the retail customer world. And as more retailers embrace what's clearly a promising and valuable technology, there are still lots of questions needing answers — from how and when to where to begin.

In a one-hour event, retailers can get those answers and more from two of the top leaders involved in the AI revolution. Mark Beccue, a principal analyst for Tractica, is joined by Interactions Vice President of Marketing Jane Price in sharing how using AI can deliver everything from superior customer service to significant operational savings.


Beccue is part of Tractica's user interface technologies practice, with a focus on virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual digital assistants, natural language processing, and other intelligent interfaces and collaboration tools. The veteran market research analyst boasts more than 20 years of experience in market and business strategy.


During the webinar, Beccue and Price discuss how AI is being implemented in customer care, market trends and drivers, and how AI can boost customer loyalty and differentiate brand.


Don't miss what is an engaging and thought-provoking discussion. Download the free webinar here.

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