AI in the mainstream but consumers demanding transparency

Two out of three Americans are somewhat familiar with artificial intelligence with 32 percent feeling positive toward the technology but a good majority, 81 percent, expect companies to be transparent on how they're using it.

Those findings, from Rich Relevance’s fourth annual "Creepy or Cool" survey, indicate AI and AR are now in the mainstream, according to a press release. Consumers, however, want insight on when and how the technologies are being used.

"Consumers generally know that data is being collected about them and that they are benefiting from AI. However, consumers are increasingly expecting brands and retailers to be transparent about when and how theyre using AI in their interactions," said Mike Ni, CMO of RichRelevance, in the release. "As a result, companies are increasingly under pressure to adopt explainable and open AI systems that provide clear insight into how and why decisions are being made. Traditional black box, closed AI solutions are just not an option anymore."

A majority of consumers, 76 percent, still view clothing and wearables with sensors and tracking devices as creepy, as well as technology that lets retailers better understand shopping habits. Over half, 61 percent, view facial recognition as creepy though 48 percent consider robots in the store as cool.

The survey of 1,037 consumers was conducted in May 2018.

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