Young shoppers want lowest price, seniors seek retailers who treat them nice

Sept. 2, 2015

When it comes to where various consumer demographic groups shop online, it clearly isn’t all about a product's cost.

While a new Bizrate survey reveals Generation Y shoppers are, for the most part, seeking the lowest price, Baby Boomers and senior shoppers are most inclined to buy at retailers that treat them well even if the item could be bought at another retailer at a lower price.

The survey, which polled more than 13,000 e-commerce consumers, reports seniors care the least about price and Generation Yers don’t care how well a retailer may have treated them in the past.

"When affordability is less of a factor, the lasting impression of having been treated well is the leading influencer of loyalty," says Hayley Silver, VP of Bizrate Insights, said in a press statement on the survey. "True brand loyalty is generated by meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations when the transaction is completely done."

Topics: Customer Experience, Customer Service, eCommerce, Loyalty Programs, Mobile Retail, Online Retailing

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