Why 2016 may be the year of the mobile website shopper

Why 2016 may be the year of the mobile website shopper

The 2016 holiday season may mark the official arrival of mobile retail, as a new report predicts mobile website purchases will jump by 68 percent next year compared to this holiday season's mobile device consumer shopping activity.

In comparison, mobile website shopping accounted for under 15 percent of consumer activity in 2013.

"When broken out between smartphone and tablet, 2016 projections show a clear majority of website purchases going to phones, with a high of 33 percent — a third of all online orders — in November. Meanwhile, in the absence of meaningful innovation, tablet purchases will stagnate (if not decline slightly)," states a Bizrate Insight advisory report. Bizrate Insights is a division of Connexity.

While consumers remain committed to smartphone versus tablets in mobile website buying the iPad beat out the iPhone and Android smartphone volume throughout 2015.

"Retailers — in fact all consumer facing brands — need to ensure that their online experience and all core actions work properly and intuitively on iPhones, Android phones, and iPads. Prioritize development projects and QA tasks based on your customer experience and satisfaction by device, OS and browser," Hayley Silver, VP, Bizrate Insight, said in the report.

"It is unfortunately common for a new feature or user experience to operate as expected, but still manage to displease or confuse the customer. Brands should measure customer satisfaction before and after all major releases, especially those that are integral to purchase. Considering the percentage of mobile website purchases projected for 2016, focusing exclusively on your in-app experience may alienate new visitors, thwart conversion or damage your brand," Silver said.

As RetailCustomerExperience.com reportedin early December,mobile shopping was already beating expectations in the weeks leading up to the official start of the holiday season in the U.S.Adobe's Digital Index showed 46 percent of online retail visits Nov. 1-24 came from a smartphone (35 percent) or tablet (11 percent). Mobile generated some $6.3 billion in online sales during that time.

The NRF 2015 Thanksgiving Weekend Survey reported 56.7 percent of smartphone owners used a mobile device to research products, make purchases, check in-store availability of items, and to conduct other mobile shopping activities and 57.7 percent of tablet owners searched for holiday deals and make purchases.

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