Dermstore, boost sales with customer segmentation platform and Dermstore are enjoying a 2 percent sales boost and a 10x-lift in return on advertising spend following a deployment of Custora's Segmentation Studio, according to a press release.

The technology provides marketing teams point and click access to predictive customer segments which is leading to improved return on investment regarding campaigns from Facebook to email and display. The segmentation tool is helping the ecommerce players hurdle challenges when it comes to accessing and using data as oftentimes customer data is fragmented across various systems.

Custora's platform features a "Customer Data Cloud," which aggregates data from sources to create one unique customer profile. The platform's "Segmentation Studio" is a web interface that sits on the data cloud and offers "click click done" functionality to help marketers respond to questions such as, "Who should receive our new arrival campaign?" is using Custora to drive digital growth.

"We needed to find ways to make our business more stable and evergreen by increasing sales of non-calendar products," stated Senior Director of Digital Marketing Marcia Oakes in the release. "But when we tried to promote those categories, we found that we were fatiguing our email list and not seeing a compelling return in paid marketing channels."

"Custora helped us reach exactly the right customers with a message that was perfectly tailored to their interests and needs — upleveling our entire marketing program," added Oakes.

Dermstore is tapping the tool as part of its focus to leverage automation and personalization, according to President Cathy Beaupain.

"Reaching the customer at the right point in her journey with a meaningful message is essential to driving engagement and, ultimately, conversion," Beaupain said in the release.

Dermstore leverages Custora for outreach to customers at critical points in the customer life cycle and to make sure they reaching guests at a time most relevant for the guest.

"Custora helps us power the right message to the right customer — at scale," said Beaupain. "The next frontier for us is integrating these rich customer insights into massive personalization of day-to-day communication rather than just key moments in the customer journey."

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