Talking with HP retail product chief Cory McElroy

| by Judy Mottl
Talking with HP retail product chief Cory McElroy

In kicking off the new year Retail Customer Experience is also kicking off some new news coverage and approaches, which includes talking with innovators in the ICX space and getting their insight on a wide variety of issues, topics and trends happening in retail customer experience.

In our first new ‘Talking With’ installment we talked with Cory McElroy, director of product management for HP Retail Solutions, to get his view on mobile consumer security – a huge focal point for retailers given more consumers than ever are browsing and buying via the smartphone and other mobile devices.

RCE: Where, in HP's view, is the retail sector when it comes to ensuring mobile consumer security?

McElroy: HP views data protection and security as a key area of focus for retailers especially as they continue to adopt new touch points in order to increase customer engagement and loyalty.  A considerable number of both large and small retailers are proactively investing significant time and resources into technology that not only provides value to the customer but also protects critical consumer information and payment data. When it comes to security though, no strategy is foolproof especially as cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated. The key is for retailers to not become complacent with their security strategy but continually evaluate and look for opportunities to enhance it.

RCE: When it comes to retail consumer shopping are consumers less concerned than in the past about potential data theft or privacy issues?

McElroy: Data protection and privacy are major factors for consumers when it comes to where they shop and who they trust with their personal and payment data. This includes millennials who are typically far more comfortable providing personal information than any other generation, yet they still want to see every business they engage with apply rigorous security to all of the personal data they provide.

RCE:  What should retailers, which have yet to truly put mobile device consumer security at the top of the to-do list, do to get the strategy in place and is there any misconception among retailers regarding what needs to be done?

McElroy: The best approach to data security for any retailer is to have a proactive approach, and that approach might look different depending on the type of retailer and how they interact with their customers. For example, what type of consumer data they are gathering, where they are storing the data and who has access to this data is a good place to start, but another helpful approach is to envision 'doomsday scenarios' precisely and then work to define how these scenarios can be prevented.

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